Sprinkler Design and Installation

  • Install new system, heads or rotors
  • Repair or adjust heads, valves, rotors
  • Move water lines or heads
  • Adjust controllers or upgrade to electronic system from manual system
  • Locate lost valve zones or repair cut electrical zone wires
  • Repair broken water, lateral, or main lines
  • Backflow testing



New Mexico Water Saving Sprinkler designs

Certified Sprinkler Maintenance


  • We are a team of professionals in landscaping and our expertise in creating and maintaining reliable and cost effective irrigation systems offers exceptional results. We treat each client individually and plan our services according to the property’s microclimates and soil conditions. We know that all irrigation systems can be improved through a proper care and updating with the newest technologies, so we will offer the best solutions, suited for your own budget.

Any type of irrigation system can benefit from our services, no matter the size. From simple adjustments and repairs to completely replacing a system that is destroyed or not functional, we can do it all. We will make your system work at its highest level, saving water, your time and your budget.