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Full Service Property Maintenance

Residential Property Care

We can make your landscape more beautiful and functional while increasing the overall value of your property. In fact, studies have shown that a professionally cared for landscape can add as much as 15% to the value of your home. As your landscape grows and matures its maintenance requirements will constantly be changing. To ensure that it stays green and healthy, you need a professional program of care that can adapt to your landscape ever-evolving needs. Our staff of experienced landscape technicians will be here to provide you with prompt, professional service and advice whenever you need it. With our ongoing care you can spend time enjoying your outdoor environment, not working in it.


Lawn Services include:

  • Lawn Maintenance-weekly and monthly yard maintenance visits
  • Line trimming of beds, fence lines, foundations, and around trees with each visit
  • Blowing of clippings and leaves from all walks, drives, patios and decks
  • Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs
  • Irrigation system Maintenance
  • One time-Seasonal Clean-up
  • Lawn aeration and power raking
  • Snow management (Snow removal/De-icing)
  • Gutter cleaning


Committed to quality


At DeLeon Outdoor Solutions! we're not satisfied until you're completely happy with the services you've received. Every element of your landscape will benefit from the utmost in quality care and you can rest assure that we'll use only the finest materials. Our ongoing programs of care and maintenance will keep your landscape healthy and growing.


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