We now offer Organic Gardening!

Our Organic Gardening Services

Fergus Whitney - Organic Horticulturist

Rio Rancho - 87124

Email - ferguswhitney@hotmail.com

Phone- 505 918 1116


Good for Nature - Good for you.


Our Services include:

  • Organic garden design
  • Installation  and implementation
  • Maintenance of your Organic Garden
  • Consultations
  • Talks
  • Workshops

Additional Services:

  • Sprinklers and Irrigation
  • Weed management
  • Composting and Compost bin Installation
  • Leaf Mould
  • Chicken Coops
  • Raised Beds


Reasons why you should have organic garden at your home, preschool, college school, community.

1. Great outdoor activity.

2. Learn something new and different.

3. Creates awareness about your environment.

4. Helps promote biodiversity.

5. Education on seasonal food production.

6. Great for social interaction in communities.

7. Know where your food comes from.


What we do

We help people establish organic gardens through designing, installing and maintaining organic gardens.

We help clients with a tailored plan to set up and maintain an Organic Garden. This can include growing, Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs, wildflowers, Companion planting, soil analysis and management. Pest and Disease Preventions, Crop Protection.

Our Clients include: homeowners, schools, preschools, community gardens.


Call Fergus today for a consultation to get your organic garden ready for the growing season.